Wooden Gem Stool

The Wooden Gem Stool just made me gasp for air! (Because of its beauty AND its price) It is handmade in Melbourne using ethically sourced timber, designed by the ladies from Faraway House. Consider this one wishlisted!

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  1. Hey! I have loved your blog for years, such nice things. And yes I’m sorry there is a “but” – why the gasp? This is a chopped up piece of timber, it’s great and I’m reading melb, sustainable timber so, awesome and pretty local, but the price! $1000? Why? I was expecting much less, what am I missing here?

  2. looks like something folklore for funny tourist

    you kill half a tree, just to put your pencil in?

  3. $990.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in which dollar currency is that block of wood something one would buy?