Elizabeth Gilbert in conversation with Paul Holdengraber

Listen to Elizabeth Gilbert speak about being the ‘bodyguard of her time’ and how she learned to say no. What a thoughtful, knowledgeable woman she is! Elizabeth also gave my all-time favorite TED talk.

(via explore)

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  1. Holdengraber is the best and Elizabeth Gilbert is simply a delight! For any New Yorker with an intellectual/cultural bent: Holdengraber hosts Live from NYPL, where he has live interviews/conversations with authors (E. Gilbert included), musicians, journalists, and other creative and high achieving people. It’s a wonderful evening and is held in the august NYPL hq on 42nd street. I don’t work for nypl or have any affiliation beyond supporter; just thought Live would be right up the alley of swiss miss readers.

  2. thank you so much for sharing this. I never would have known about the Holdengraber interviews, otherwise.