Friday Link Pack

Now that’s a surprising way to separate the yolk from an egg white. (via @sawyerh)

– Reddit launched reddit Donate. Chosen and embedded by subreddits, the donate button allows reddit communities to raise awareness and channel donations directly to like-minded 501(c)(3) nonprofits. It was created as a side-project from a handful of redditors at Dwolla, and in partnership with Stripe. Reddit Donate does not move, hold, or process funds. All that said, all they want you to do is: Do Good. Yes!

– This leather lanyard is beautiful.

How to pronounce artists’ names. (via @doorsixteen)

Shazam-style app shows who funded political TV ads. (via brainpicker)

– Did you watch Jonathan Harris’ thoughtful CreativeMornings talk?

The Internet A Decade Later

– Superhappy about Freshbooks launching their iphone app this week.

– On Quora: What did you learn being a police officer about society? (via)

– I never wanted to live on a houseboat, until I saw this.

Self-portraits from an artist under the influence of 48 different psychoactive drug combos. (via @mikeindustries)

– Last week at Alt Design Summit I had the pleasure to meet the two folks behind Sweet Paul Magazine. I got my hands one one their latest issue and am impressed how they put out such a high quality magazine with such a small team.

– Got some British Friends and a happy occasion? Get this!

I dooooooon’t care. Made me laugh.

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  1. Very early in the morning – impressive video!

  2. Thanks for including FreshBooks in here! I really appreciate it!

    Head of Magic

  3. The egg video: revolutionary! Thanks for sharing. Great links all around, too.

  4. about the house boat:
    i go to church just across the road from there. The water smells bad in summer, its not very clean and there is a 4 lane heavy traffic road right next to it. Also with all that glass, everyone can look right on to your dinner plate. No Thanks – I wouldn’t take that place. But nice pictures.

  5. Why does this egg taste like Coke?