Exobrain is a Brainstorming tool and interactive web application that lets you visualize your thoughts, finds unique connections between words, and pushes past obvious ideas.

Reminds me of my Visual Thesaurus days when I was the Design Director at Thinkmap.

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  1. Even though it’s not a new phenomenon and there are many mapping tools online, I find Exobrain simple. Started using it. (I like the feedback button for sending them feedback how to improve it). Thanks Swiss-Miss for sharing.

  2. hmmm…I wonder if tools like this would assist in how we decide on things… Something tells me I’d overload it my thought on deciding who to vote for…

  3. Shalin, I am not sure if I got your concern correctly.

    I think such a tool obviously assist. Long time ago when cognitive mapping and mind mapping started, it was proven that it helps you think, decide and put a ground for the project you’re working on.

    I think the overloading and running in vicious circles happens when you don’t use such tools, I guess.

    (I mean even iCal can be a tool, so I am not specifically supporting this tool). But generally speaking a top view on the entire process helps you reaching better output.

    Not to forget that it depends in which field you are and surely each person has his own way of dealing with organizing.


  4. @Jimmy, thanks – I think I’ll give this a shot. I haven’t used any tools like this before – on their face, they seems visually disorganized with words thrown around. I’m sure after trying it I’ll understand how it can work best for me.

  5. What’s the difference with the superb FreeMind (or any other mind-mapping tools)?

  6. @fernando
    Exactly, “Nothing”.
    It’s exactly like music streaming platforms online, or the million iPhone apps that makes vintage effects or iPhone cases, etc.
    No invention, but a new tool which you do (or don’t) support.

  7. Reminds me too! Big old computers and blue wigs ;)

  8. The application that they offer here is so good. You can definitely fo a lot of brainstorming from this. So many great options that this app offers here. http://www.dogsquad.ca/