iTypewriter might be the perfect (not so serious) segue to get your grandparents to use an iPad. Made me smile. Hat tip off to the inventor, Austin Yang. (yes, I want one)

(Thank you Karin)

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  1. Fast schon ein alter Schuh, die Agentur Haasenstein aus Hamburg hat ihre digitale Schreibmaschine schon 2011 vorgestellt :)

  2. I would prefer Haasenstein as iTypewriter seems like it could hurt my ipad :)

  3. Finally! But where is the correction-ribbon?

  4. Hilarious, sweet and rather – well, desirable, like having a turntable for vinyl records – still crazy after all these years!

  5. I don’t know which came first … does it matter? I love my USB typewriter.

  6. I’ve been lusting after one of those usb typewriters for a while now. This is neat as well, but there’s something extra cool about one of those usb conversions.

  7. I’m not sure what is more intersting. The fact that the space bar is now a key, or the fact that the person who created this obviously has not actually used a typewriter (or maybe the delay is intentional to the use of the tool). Still. I’d get one. :-)

  8. I would’ve preferred someone who knew typing feature in the video, and am sure it wouldn’t nearly kill the ipad with those loud clacks…. because people who use the right fingers are more gentle on the keys…!!

  9. Yup, first thing I noticed too – person is not using the correct fingers.

  10. Regardless of the typing skills or lack thereof, it’s still a cool little tool.

  11. I am not sure about such tools anymore. I love it, creative, beautiful and nice. Is it useful? Does it make sense? This new description such tools make me say: “Great but…”

    Reminds me of OWNFONE (again, Great but…)

    I mean when you want to use an iPad and such a beautiful typewriter:
    1- Why don’t you buy a typewriter?
    2- Why don’t you use a macbook?