American Made: Simple Peace Bags

Martha Stewart is currently running the American Made competition and my vote goes to DeAnna Reposa’s Shopping Bag System. It all started when she wanted to use reusable bags but couldn’t find a bag that she liked. Each bag had either a store logo or was made of materials that were too flimsy to keep the food safe from getting smashed. So she created her own.

All Simple Peace Bags are made in the USA of either recycled, organic or sustainable fabrics. My favorite is the Farmers Market Bag!

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  1. Nothing against the find a need a fill it mentality. American made? F$#k Yeah!

    Although they look like a heavy fabric, it doesn’t look stiff enough to me to stand up nicely without being full of cereal boxes.

    Here is the big “but…” in my comment. These are $60 each. Yes, sustainable materials, etc etc, but come on. The ones you get at the grocery store are $1 or often free. I have been using the same ones for years (even though it is a little thin, love the green target bag from 3 earth days ago). How many bags do you need when you go shopping. 2-3. That is a lot of bag money.

  2. Not knocking the product at all, but the “American Made” stamp is a bit of a misnomer, I think.

    On the first page of the Simple Peace website it says that the bags are made are made in Essaouira, Morocco. That’s fine. I’m all for celebrating American entrepreneurs and ingenuity, or producing products responsibly overseas.

    But the American Made website is emblazoned in red, white and blue, profiling “American Makers” and otherwise trumpeting a slogan that one might reasonably interpret as products manufactured or produced in the US. Some of which may be, and some, as in this case, are not.

    “American Designed” or “American Invented” are perhaps not as catchy as nationalistic messaging goes (and perhaps somewhat opportunistically from a brand in decline), but the language is more precise and, I think, more honest.

  3. I think the bags that they offer here are just amazing. I think we have to push reusable bags in the future. It is definitely so good for the environment here. Great idea and work behind this.