“Everything you don’t understand is magic … When you understand things, there’s no more magic.”
Tim Berners-Lee

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  1. Indeed.

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke


  2. Yet the instant when you do understand something – that can be pretty magical :) …”neat-o” or special at least!

  3. That’s why I stopped watching the extras on DVDs that exposed the magic.

  4. disagree. I think things can still be quite magical when we understand them.

  5. @Lynne Rae

    I guess there may be a distinction to be made between magic and delight. Apple designs products with a “delightful experience” as a top priority. But is “magic” a component of that or is it actually a separate metric of an experience?

    One product I’m particularly interested in is the Lytro camera because it bring a bit of the film camera “magic” back to photography. Not necessarily the same magic, but there’s some degree of “not knowing” and then “magically” finding out. or…maybe it is delight that the user experiences?


  6. No…the magic is that all this works to begin with. Hello fellow consious things!

  7. When you understand things, you know how to make magic.

  8. You are so right about this when you are taking about magic. So much that people do not understand at all here. Great quote on this. plumbing blog