Zen Pen

Zen Pen is a storage unit for pens that also holds paper clips with the hidden magnets below the bamboo surface. Lovely.

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  1. I just got one of these a couple of days ago! Very cool pen/pencil storage solution.

  2. What’s that blue material? I’d be worried about it scratching some of my nicer pens…

  3. I would use green bamboo colour instead of the blue one. Would look much more eco!

  4. @John the inner lining is made of rubber so it will not scratch your pens. Although I would have to say the product construction is not the best for displaying expensive pens. It looks very cool, just a bit underwhelmed by its build quality.

    @Paul there is an optional dark gray version, which is the one I got. It looks very nice.

  5. Very clever idea and friendly design result. I didn’t know about Quirky before…looks like an interesting experiment in, uh, “structured crowdsourced design”? Anyway, great product and really interesting design process…

  6. The storage unit that you offer for your pens is so good. I definitely see so many great options with this. Great job on this.