It doesn’t happen often that I gasp when I see something. But the Clopen shelf managed to get exactly that reaction. The floating shelf was designed by Japanese Torafu Architects and uses magnetic keys to open a secret 23 mm thick drawer. A perfect place to hide your valuables.

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  1. I had the exact same reaction, it is awesome

  2. Love it. Now I just need to get some valuables.

  3. Love the comment about valuables! Last time I saw something this cool I tried to buy one from the States but the shipping cost more than the item.

  4. GASP from my end, too! Beautiful. It’s on the top of the WANT list!

  5. But… where to buy???

  6. Oooooh can anyone tell me where these are available for purchase please?

  7. I just love the idea behind this shelf so much. Having a drawer added to it is so good. So many great options that come with it all here. Great job on this. Steel Building Info