Famous Robots

Daniel Nyari has created a poster that features 30 headshots of famous robots from film, television, and comics. How many you do recognize?

UPDATE: This poster was apparently heavily inspired by Robert Mall’s Fifty Goodies

(via comicsalliance)

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  1. No Johnny!

  2. Argh missed out the 5!

    Still missing out Johnny 5 is an even bigger omission.

  3. No Tom Servo or Crow T. Robot? Weak.

  4. Famous Robot Tattley’s seem like a no-brainer!

  5. Famous robots…comics, and video games.

  6. I can not believe the forgot about J5.

  7. Many of which have unfortunately been pinched from the very talented Robert M Ball’s ‘Fifty Goodies’ & ‘Fifty Baddies’ series. Naught Daniel!

  8. if you’re gonna put South Park’s Awesome-o, you gotta put in Beemo from “Adventure Time.”

  9. no gigantor?

  10. I wish you had posted Robert M Ball’s work, although Daniel has acknowledged he was inspired by his work, he’s taken wholesale Robert’s illustration style.


  11. I miss Data from Star Trek.

  12. There has been a lot of famous robots over the years. They have been a lot of entertainment for a lot of years. Glad to see that you listed a lot of them here. Shipping Montreal