The Modern Family: Part One

What a stunning house to raise kids in. It’s located in Carmel, California, designed by Lake|Flato Architects.

(via Dwell)

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  1. very cool hou$e. just think kids that age need a neighborhood. seems isolating.

  2. I’m willing to be adopted by this family!

  3. PLEASE – Want to live there too!!

  4. Light and brightness – healing before you need it!

  5. Agree with Alison.

    Generously, this place reminds me of Downton Abbey: a palace in the middle of nowhere. I presume this family are independently wealthy (no commute required) and that once the children reach maturity they will summer in London to do the social circuit.

    In the meantime, the kids have zero exposure to common social norms.

    Is there a village square nearby?

  6. That’s one beautiful home, love the openess!