Plywood Rocker-Table 1970

This family rocker flips over to become a picnic table and a bar! Made me chuckle. We totally need a red version of this at Studiomates. Rocker Meetings!

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  1. I love how serious they seem in that top photo!

  2. Memories! My preschool had one 100% exactly like that!

  3. I love it… really nice can use it as picnic table, play house, bar.

  4. I built one in high school industrial arts class. It breaks down with wing nuts and goes in the back of a pick up truck. Trying to find plans to build one again.

  5. We made one in the 70’s. Put a slit hose on the rockers so the wood did not take in water and made the rocking easier on grass.

  6. Really Nice Design… we can use it as picnic table, play house and bar.

  7. Hii its superb designs we can use it for lot of types great i like it….

  8. Wow great!!!
    Multi purpose table. I love the table design and I am thinking of buying it.