World’s Coolest Flight Attendant

I applaud this Southwest Airlines flight attendant.

(via MentalFloss)

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  1. What a cool guy!! I would totally be cheering him on, he rocks. x

  2. Here in Spain we know this guy ;)

  3. Flightastic!

    Now you know everyth’ang can be fun.

    This would be that first time everyone listened to the announcement – all the way through
    Every word – sing it – is heard
    If this grand guy on Southwest can do it – maybe so can you
    Southwest – what a cool bird!

  4. He should’ve dropped the handset at the end.

  5. I would find this terribly irritating. Can we just go about our lives without intruding on others with our own personal definitions of what’s fun?

  6. always amusing whenever watch David :)

  7. Not my cup of tea but beats the scowls you see on Air Canada. Now if only security could be so pleasant.

  8. Love it :) We had a flight back from BWI to BDL via Southwest Airlines in Jan 2001 and the flight attendants were great. The line they used with us was “There may be 50 ways to leave your lover but there are only 4 to leave this plane”.

    I appreciate them trying to make it fun and not so nerve wracking, especially with all the new laws and general anxiousness. Our JetBlue flight from PHX to JFK this year could have used a little of this light humor.