Pipe Smoking just got seriously designy, thanks to Stiff, a Swedish company.

(And yes, smoking is not healthy)

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  1. Smoking kills in fact. I’m bit disappointed to have seen this featured on here and that someone would invest time and talent to design a device facilitating/encouraging such damage to one’s health.

  2. This post is wonderful, it’s about the unique and modern design of an old-school item. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. smoking is more than just another way to kill yourself malgosia… smoking is also delightfully enjoying different kinds of mother natures finest tobaccos, relaxing by yourself or with friends, destressing with a good glass of whiskey, wine, beer, you name it… Not all smoking is lurking cigarettes and i find a fine goodlooking well designed pipe not such a bad way to enjoy lets say a sunday after noon.

  4. All I can say is PERFECT. Thank you for sharing this, and all of your amazing posts.

  5. I agree Hans, everything in small measures is fine. This seemed to me like an invention which would encourage many to start a harmful habit. I probably just saw too much damage and suffering done by smoking and any promotion of it saddens me.