Fou Lard (Bacon Scarf)

I just nearly fell off my chair. In a package that was just delivered here at my studio, I discovered a Silk Bacon Scarf, named Fou Lard. We just all had a good laugh, but my Studiomates agreed, this is so utterly ridiculous it’s awesome. Fou Lard is a brainchild of Swiss designer Natalie Luder. The scarf is made of 100% silk, digitally printed and hemmed by the artist herself. Available on her site for $170. Bacon lovers unite!

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  1. Wear with caution around dogs.

  2. Das Wortspiel gefällt mir sehr gut!

  3. lol! that is so crazy!

  4. This is beautiful! I would want to eat bacon even more than normal, which could be dangerous to my health….

  5. Very Gaga

  6. Wow – I agree! So ridiculous it’s genius!

  7. I actually saw this scarf at a designer fair here in Basel. I was shocked and intrigued by it as well. When you wear it however you hardly see the bacon… (Which makes it wearable I guess…)

  8. BTW, the name “Fou Lard” is a nice pun :
    – “foulard” (without space) is the French word for “scarf”
    – “lard” is the French word for “bacon”
    – “fou” is the French word for “crazy”

  9. this work reflects the stringent work of Natalie Luder. She has a wonderful weird way of playing between jewelry and contemporary art. check also her work out with rabbit teeth, the one’s who got amused by the “fou lard” will be even more so by her rabbit story.

  10. Ma ”bosse” vient de recevoir son ”foulard” de soie! elle est totalement ravie! il lui va comme un gant car elle est propriétaire-fondatrice de la compagnie: Fou du Cochon et Scie, Grelots et Bâtons. (Québec, Canada) Étant couturière autodidacte, je reconnais un très bel ouvrage, plein de minutie et d’amour du travail.
    Merci à son généreux donateur!