Another f***ing Tote

No need to explain – it’s another f***ing tote. Made me chuckle.

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  1. It amuses me that you use asterisks for a curse word that’s already clearly visible on your blog.

  2. Unfortunately it’s not ‘Another f***ing tote’ it’s Another Fucking Tote – are you happy for your children to be exposed to that word in the name of humor?

  3. For those less bold, there is also a PG13 version

  4. I’m so tired of seeing designers trying to be cute or edgy with their blatant use of the F word. It isn’t edgy, and it isn’t unique. It’s just played out and tired.

  5. Agree with John. Just dumbed down as low as it can go. Who would actually carry this bag anywhere?

  6. This didn’t make me chuckle.

    poor choice :(

  7. I like the bag, I’d carry it., but I’m generally not too concerned with explaining what the fuck-word is to other people’s kids. Maybe I’m inconsiderate.

    Still, nice bag.

  8. would be illegal to carry exposed in public in the UK.