*This* is the christmas tree I would like to see in my home. It’s called Branch, is produced in England, made of sustainably sourced Ash and the brainchild of Demelza Hill.

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  1. “*This* is the christmas tree I would like to see in my home”

    Hmmm… it may be minimalist, but I don’t think children would appreciate the treee. Mine would probably get very annoyed if I turned up with that – “her indoors” would definitely not be amused…

    Fairy lights, tree depositing needles all over the floor, tinsel, lots of tinsel – that’s the sort of Christmas decoration that children expect.

    Light blue fairy lights is the nearest thing to stylish as my house gets over Christmas, mainly lots of chintzy decorations as chosen by 5 year old when out shopping …

  2. Here are some more artistic alternatives made in New Hampshire.

  3. I like minimalism but that’s taking it a bit too far for my taste.

    And it’s not like real Christmas trees are being cut down in forests; virtually all Christmas trees are grown on farms.