Friday Link Pack

Mesmerizing Video for Life & Limb’s ‘Fingers Fall’ directed by David Echeverria.

– This Mask Superhero Towel is amazing.

Mens Cash Capsule.

– Woah. Staples Announces In-Store 3-D Printing Service.

Gingerbread adventcalendar. Lovely.

– Finally realizing that kids really do love Whoopee Cushions. #toomeawhile

– This cotton Racoon stole my heart.

Highway To Hell live in 1979.

– Thinking of Selling on eBay With Paypal? Think Again!

– This smart shelf is brilliant, it hides a table and four chairs.

Brydge+ keyboard for the iPad, with built in stereo speakers.

@ Symbol Side Table.

– Get in the spirit with this Christmas Tree Hat and Christmas Tree Lights Necklace.

– In this Authors @ Google conversation Prediction wunderkind Nate Silver gives a taste of his new book, The Signal and the Noise: Why Most Predictions Fail but Some Don’t.

– My friends at C&G Partners are looking to hire a Front-end Developer.

Deer in Headlights Giant Cross-Stitch by Jessica Decker + Kollabora.

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  1. Great music video. Although it’s a little hypnotic!

  2. Just got a reply about the shelf “As if from nowhere”:

    “The collection is in development at present. I will notify you of the release date. Best wishes, Orla”

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