Local vs. Global

In this post Derek Sivers eloquently explains how he differentiates between focusing your time locally versus globally. And, he admits, he is not local.

Interesting read.

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  1. This post is awesome. As a designer/developer, I’ve had a hard time putting into words how I feel. My wife and I closed our brick and mortar design firm in the states a few years ago to travel the world with our four kids. After having lived in Sweden, Spain and now South Africa I don’t consider anywhere my home except for where my family is at. I am not local to anywhere, the world is my home. I am Global.

  2. Very, very interesting in deed. I’m just on the verge to go global by request of international contacts but hesistated as I’m 110 % local until now… the post left me thinking which is always a good thing :-)

  3. Yes. That was an incredibly challenging read for me. I love my community and spend a lot of time developing relationships and connections here, but know that my local community isn’t a strong ground for growing the work I’m doing.