Friday Link Pack

(From the TV Show Mad Men)

– The mighty Jeffrey Zeldman interviewed me for the Big Web Show.

– I want one of these $10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Firepits

– Lovely, minimal alphabet pillow.

Vintage Carnival Tickets anyone?

– A list of vendor recommendations by Rob Giampietro.

– Wesley wrote an honest blogpost about Ways to Mess Up Hiring.

– Marc Johns came out with a book: I made these drawings for you

Queen Elizabeth with 12 U.S. Presidents. (via kottke)

What astronauts eat.

– The Chrome Niko Camera Backpack looks solid.

– The 10 most beautiful kindergardens in the world.

– “Reviews on Amazon are becoming attack weapons, intended to sink new books as soon as they are published.” Swarming a Book Online, by David Streitfeld

– Useful: How to tie a bow tie

– “All I want is to go to a website, enjoy it for the time I’ve decided to spend there, and then move on with my life,” he continued. “Is that so much to ask?” Internet Users Demand Less Interactivity (Satire Alert Everyone)

– Do you use Photoshop? You might enjoy

– My friends at Krate are looking to hire a senior web developer.

– Alfred Hitchcock gives us a visual presentation lesson.

Cloud Corkboard. Cute.

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  1. re: fire pitt ->> WHOA.

  2. Uh Oh! That Carnival Vintage tickets made my day!
    Lovely suggestions,as always.

  3. Can’t help but wonder if the Carousel episode of Mad Men was a subtle nod to the old Twilight episode “Walking Distance” which also used a carousel as a nostalgic device.

    Fantastic episodes in both series.

  4. Thanks for the mention, Tina! If you really want one. We’ll make one and send it to you. xoxo Sarah & Joe