I wish I would have known about Chewbeads when my kids were little. It’s jewelry that looks cool but is also ok to chew on for babies. I saw them across from our booth at the NY Gift Fair yesterday. They’re minimal, and stylish, I would wear them now, even though my kids are over their teething stages.

Chewbeads are 100% Silicone and made with non toxic ingredients and are dishwasher safe.

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  1. Seems very cool but looks like a choking hazard?

  2. what a fabulous idea! not withstanding Laura’s comment about the choking, tho’ hopefully they have taken that into account.. otherwise, bravo!

  3. definitely not a choking hazard… they have knots tied between each bead. also they are made and tested for babies. my little one loves my chewbeads and so do i! i have a few different styles and colors… we love the bracelets too!

  4. The Necklaces are for mommy to wear, not baby. So Mom’s can still wear cool, fashionable jewelry and when the baby grabs your jewelry or puts it in their mouth (which always happens) the necklace material is completely safe! Also babies love playing with them while feeding or in the carriers! The necklaces also have breakaway claps so if baby pulls to hard it simply comes off!

  5. I don’t even have a kid and I kinda want one.

  6. Chewbeads saved me during breastfeeding! My daughter loved to grab and pinch me and the beads were perfect. I also get lots of compliments on them. Total <3

  7. What a great idea. I wish I’d known about these a couple of years ago — back then, my sister’s twins were always chomping on her jewelry/keys. These would have been a much safer alternative.