Kindness is underrated

Last night I was telling my friend Ted how I refuse to believe that you have to be a jerk in order to be super-crazy-successful. And just now, I stumbled upon this post by Marc Johns in which he states that he believes kindness is underrated. I couldn’t agree more.

“Stop praising the jerks. It reinforces bad behavior.”
– Marc Johns

Read his full post: Be Kind.

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  1. An extraordinary film about kindness – and generosity – is the Academy Award-winning animated short, The Man Who Planted Trees. It’s beautifully narrated, in the English version, by Christopher Plummer, and has had a profound effect on how I try to approach life and work.

    And, due to the kindness of someone (whose name I don’t know), it can be watched, in full, on YouTube.

  2. I refuse to believe so too. And if someone is rude to me, I’d often treat them with more kindness – sometimes they are just having a bad day or it irks them even more they’d just leave. I just don’t get how someone can be mean.

  3. good manners are underrated too! i guess you could say they’re an extension of kindness. please, thank you, etc, being attentive instead of disinterested.

    thank you, kindly! :)

  4. You ought to check out the work of Patience Salgado, a Richmond, VA native who has devoted her life to “kindness work”. She does all sorts of projects engaging people all over the country through her blog. It’s led her to be featured by Oprah and she now even blogs for the Huffington Post on kindness.

    Her blog is incredibly inspiration is the most honest way.

  5. More stories such as this, are needed to inspire belief in our own ability to do what is needed in the world – finding happiness in that act and peace within our spirit, – without the expectation of material reward,
    yet leaving the world a better place than before our arrival.