Paper Desk

My desk by Miguel Mestre is a dream come true. The desk’s surface is made of a giant stack of large paper sheets. Sketch, draw and then start new by simply taking off the top sheet.

(Thank you Nate)

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  1. Please make one that tilts!

  2. So worth it. We had a similar paper pad table as kids (Googled but couldn’t find a pic of it anywhere…darn pre-internet childhoods), and we LOVED it. Fun for kids and adults a like.

  3. Awesome, but what happens when the paper runs out?

  4. must have. it’s an artists dream come true!

  5. Great, but don’t spill your coffee!

  6. Although coffee spillage just might induce creativity :D

  7. The coffee stains may help give a different perspective. Or go full-throttle »

  8. this is my dream desk!

  9. Nice and Simple Design for desk…

  10. wow… what lovely design… i love it

  11. it’s looks great. i like it