The Amazings

Every now and then, I come across an idea that gets me so excited I need to jump up! The Amazings is one of them. It was born out of the single, simple idea that society has always learned from its elders. But somewhere along the way we have lost that connection between generations – which means losing rich, valuable, and rare skills. The Amazings is on a mission to fix this.

Have a look at what some of the teachers have to offer: Tony can help you master the art of making a deal. David is a therapist and can teach you how to listen. Lucy is a vocal coach and can teach you how to speak in public with confidence.

The Amazings is based in London, and boy, am I hoping for a NYC branch!

(Thank you @papermuse)

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  1. this is really so cool.

  2. This is super cool. Wish it were an online video community I could subscribe to, watch, and learn.