This music video by British singer Sivu made me look, big time. Sivu went inside an MRI scanner and sang repeatedly for 2 to 3 hours to make it happen. Also, beautiful song.

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  1. Kind of spooky, but nice.

  2. Please, do not believe what people write, SiVu stayed for an hour in the scanner (he said so on Radio 2)last Saturday.)
    He sang the song three times in total, not over and over!

  3. Amazing, but kinda gross. :)

  4. Marc, I don’t believe you…

  5. Uhh, I find this a very deep message… you can see his brain while he sings and his music his songs, as his feelings, and all these are within that brain you actually see… wow…

  6. Wow, this looks very familiar to a video directed by Evan Boehm for Darkstar in London

  7. Well, since Sivu made this music video using natural elements(hers), it look weird.