A Neux TeuxDeux (Coming Soon)

(video by Matthijs Vlot)

In December of 2009, my Studiomates Cameron, Evan, and I launched a simple, designy to-do app called TeuxDeux. We built the app for ourselves, because we couldn’t find a to-do app that was as simple as a piece of paper and calendar-based. Many of our friends started asking us for accounts, so we decided to let anyone use it. For free. What we thought would be just used by a few friends has turned into a loyal following of over 300,000 users. We didn’t see that one coming.

We eventually hired someone to make an iPhone app, which we decided to sell for a one-time cost of $2.99 to make up for some of our expenses.

Our Twitter account and our inbox have been getting passionate user feedback for the past 4 years. It seems like we managed to make something people really, really love. That’s great, but we came to realize that in order for us to put resources into maintaining and improving TeuxDeux, something had to change.

Success is more expensive than we can afford, but we want to keep TeuxDeux around. It has become an essential tool that we use every day. So, we have decided to start charging a subscription fee to use TeuxDeux. We realize that some of you might not be happy to hear that. And, we realize we might lose some users. We want to make sure our die-hard fans that rely on us every day will always be able to count on us to keep the lights on.

We have seen too many startups close shop or get acquired (and shut down their product). We do not want to see any of this happen to TeuxDeux. We love the app too much.

Over the past few months, we have invested in a new TeuxDeux, rebuilt from the ground up by our incredible Studiomate Jonnie Hallman. The decision to charge a small fee gave us the confidence to do this. If you’re a passionate user, you will be incredibly excited about what’s ahead. Sit tight for more details on the new app, but for now, please know, that our decision to move TeuxDeux to a paid model comes from the best of intentions.

We will be offering a free 3-month trial, so you can see if the new version is worth it. If you’re not convinced after 3 months, we’re gonna let you download all of your data, so you won’t lose anything by giving us a chance. Oh, and if you bought the iPhone app, we’re gonna give you a free 6-month trial as thanks.

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  1. Take my money now! Love Teux Deux!

  2. Does the Neux Teux Deux have an Android App? I’d be happy to pay a subscription fee for that :)

  3. Well done. I think it’s a good move. Free isn’t sustainable and can’t last forever. People will be happy to pay for something that’s great and it means you can keep going and stay committed and excited about it. Can’t wait to see it launch!

  4. Awesome news, Tina!

  5. This is really good news. Wish you’d done it sooner. TeuxDeux is already the best ToDo list app on the market, and I look forward to seeing what you can do with it given some additional funding.

  6. I love using TeuxDeux – happy to see it’s getting some update love. Great work guys!

  7. As a long-time Deuxer (2010!), and user of the Neux beta for the past couple weeks, I’m *so* glad this is nearing release. After my 6-month iPhone-app-buyer trial ends – and, holy awesome, thanks for that – I’ll definitely be subscribing. Well done, indeed!

  8. Any chance in developing TeuxDeux for the Android market? I’ve been wanting to be able to use it forever, but without an iPhone I’m stuck. I hope the subscription structure works out and it’s able to be expanded!

  9. I’ll happily subscribe if there’s an Android app too. Any plans? Great video!

  10. Loving the Neux Teux Deux so far!

    Just a quick logistical question: at what point will my old teuxdeux.com list transfer over to the new system, as well as my iPhone account? Keep up the great work!

  11. Totally smiled as I was watching the video :)

  12. Great idea! I’ve been using Teux Deux for about 6 months now and love it . It really helps me manage my daily workload and the iPhone app is great for keeping on top of everything.

  13. Love TeuxDeux– so happy to see it mature. I do not mind paying.

  14. Please, an Android app. Pretty Please :)

  15. When will you be launching the new one? I can’t wait. I have TeuxDeux on my desktop, iPad and iPhone!!! Want it now!!!!

  16. I was just bragging to a friend about Teux Deux as one of the best things available at no cost…. I’m a bit sad, but I’m sure you have many absolutely wonderful things coming with the new updates and I can’t wait to see them!

  17. I am sad about this change.
    I bought teuxdeux for my iphone (I don’t usually buy applications, but I thought that the website was totally awesome and I just bought it), and I love it and use it a lot; however, the best thing of it is that even if it is awesome… it’s free

    I understand the reason to do this, but I think teux deux is perfect as it is. I don’t need other features, I just love it for free.

  18. No! Sorry to hear that Tina. I live in Venezuela, so we have a controlled currency. That means that if I want to spend in anything that is not my own currency (even 3 bucks), I’m gonna have to wait until 2014!

    Bad news since I really love the app and I’ve been using it for years!

  19. Hi there,
    I have been a TeuxDeux user for a few years now both web based and App – it is great!

    I am currently trying out NeuxTeuxDeux which is working nicely and am considering subscribing… one big problem though it does not sync with my TeuxDeux App!! This still syncs with my original TeuxDeux… therefore a new item on my lists is to manually mirror my to-dos across both TeuxDeux and NeuxTeuxDeux!!! A pain in the ….

    Can you let me know what I need to do to avoid this, have searched for a NeuxTeuxDeux App or and update to TeuxDeux with no success.

  20. I think the same as Minerva. Sorry to hear that. :(

  21. I’m having the same problem as EWDC — I’ve been using Neux on my computer and iPad, but now the one on my iPhone is useless and I no longer have my list all the time.

  22. EWDC + Alex: Same here. But there’s a solution for this: Just use the neux.teuxdeux.com web app. Open the page and login on your mobile browser and save it as a bookmark to your home screen.

    Only thing that isn’t working: dragging/re-ordering to-do items.

  23. At first, I was not happy about having to pay a fee so I looked around for something else but could not find anything which comes close to what TeuxDeux can do. I have been using Neux TeuxDeux and like that I can now put things in bold and add links. I now have a change of heart and I’m more than willing to pay the fee to continue using it.

  24. Hi,
    Great move. I didn’t use it for some time, but recently I started since all other “to dos” are too, well you know…

    Since I will pay the subscription, there’s just oe thing that will make TeuxDeux 100% usable for me on everyday basis..

    Please ad some kind of reminder. Email or notification ( ios/desktop). I really need someone to remind me on something form time to time :)

    Everything else> beautiful :) Just keep it that way.


  25. No recognition of your early-adopters? No grandfather clause for this new subscription fee? I’m disappointed, as I cannot pay $24 per year for an internet subscription of this kind, and will not be able to continue using teuxdeux, even though I have used (and loved) the website for years and turned on many other friends to the service. I would happily buy the software outright if it was $10 and had a desktop app connected, but a monthly subscription fee is totally unrealistic.

    I’m glad you are making things work for your business, but I would rather see the early adopters invited to continue using your website for free, or for a nominal one-time fee, since we are the ones who stuck by you while you were learning and growing. This new policy (and the expanded and updated features) rub me the wrong way, and I plan to download my data as soon as you will let me. Spending all that money to revamp the website and then pleading that you don’t have enough money is absurd.

  26. The decision to charge is the **** WORST DECISION EVER *********
    I might be more out ragged by this than Netflix’s dumb pricing scheme.

    This is worst call you guys made, and your going to lose a ton of people who love this site.

    I am surprised you cannot generate off a google style simple add sceme or something… similar to gmail that is unobtrusive…

    Once again GREED rules.
    You should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. How about you keep the old version around for us people that are just happy with the status quo? Put the app on a server with no support is just fine by me. But to charge ? C’mon, I know you guys are watching the stats with your customer base growing and someone got capitalistic on you. We suffer because of it and you profit because of it.

    Let me look around for another FREE app that is just as cool as this one. Good luck!

  28. Won’t be paying. Thanks for everything to date. I’ll find another site from here. Cheers.

  29. Kinda disappointed here, really, as I don’t think the extra features are really worth the money… I would pay if there was a proper Android app that really syncs well with the web version.
    Otherwise, I will use paper lists or another website.

  30. Great job on the new version! I use TeuxDeux every single day on my PC and on my iPhone. But I’ve recently found myself wishing I could separate the “someday”-list somehow. And here you are, magically making that happen. I would be happy to pay a little fee and support this amazing website and app.

    Love from Sweden X

  31. I understand why you won’t grandfather former users, but we have all (likely) also purchased phone apps, etc on the understanding that that would help defray the costs. Two thoughts:
    1) people who have been with you for a while are grandfathered at $1/month ($12/year)
    2) people who have been with you for a while are “free” but invited to donate, which Kickstarter has proved we will.

  32. can’t say i didn’t see this coming. fair enough, it costs nickels to run this thing at scale, so probably win-win for all in the end (app gets better, you make some money running it). that said, i think you really blew it in not doing something for the users that got you here.

    lets say you only keep a bit over 10% as paying users, that is a $1MM annuity business, that is likely cost you a fraction of that to run it. all good for you as you built it, but you built it on the back of the loyal following of 300,000 users and you are doing nothing as even a token “thx!”

    it is just pretty bad from on cloud computing to change the terms on your user base. if you would have allowed the current users to use it at less then what new accounts cost going forward, i think you would have won more in the end as the core 300,000 would have felt well treated and been much more enthusiastic about spreading the word.

    i think the referral now looks like “yea, was a great tool for free, not bad i guess for a paid tool, but i feel they kinda bait and switched us initial users…keeping my eye open for a place to jump to”


    “tool rocked for free, rocks more now…they manged from free to paid in a graceful way and i feel you can trust the brand going forward”

    the other play you could have done, is done the freemium model…base for free, but charged for more features…

    net net, i think you kinda blew an big opportunity here.

  33. WhatsApp is .99 USD/yr.

    That I would pay instantly and recommend it but your asking price is to steep.

    Why don’t keep the old version for free or for .99 USD/yr.?

    It’s not that 24 USD/yr. is a huge amount. However, I hate paying for something when it feels like a “rip-off”.

  34. Learned about this change today. I’m really happy with a lot of the
    changes (except on the new app I don’t seem to be able to move items. from day to day).

    I love TeuxDeux, and am definitely willing to pay for it, however I do wish it were a one-time fee instead of an annual fee. Now you will actually be more than Things in the long-run, so I feel like I will need to look back and compare the two again.

  35. I see some complaints about the price.

    Good Grief!
    People spend thousands on computers, then complain when something useful comes along that costs a few bucks. I know money doesn’t grow on trees, but let’s keep a sense of proportion, folks.

  36. very disappointed,
    I got it for the computer, then bought it for my IPod.
    And now you’re asking more money.
    In a few years when I’m used to it you’ll ask more !
    No thanks I don’t take the chances, and as said Nelia earlier
    :I will use paper lists or another website.

  37. As a high school student, there is no way I can actually afford to pay for TeuxDeux because I lack a credit card.

    I was immensely pleased with Teux Deux when I first started using it. This disappoints me immensely, because as a student, I find it helpful and easy to use.

    Perhaps an education exception should be made. I would happily show your guys a .edu email address to prove my truthful statement.

  38. Probably a good move – I’d hate to see such great service disappear, and I’ll gladly pay a few bucks a month. I hope you’ll update the app soon though…I really miss the possibility to move a task to another day.

    Also, I’m really exited to see how you manage the transition from the free model to a subscription model. I hope you pull it off nicely! :)


  39. Complete fail. You add markup and “custom” lists? I don’t need the former (who f’ng does?) and I was using the Someday grouped under my own custom lists anyway (books, projects, etc) – didn’t need a title.

    You’ve updated this app once in forever. This is a joke.

    Either add value w/ push notifications, reminders, something. And charge REASONABLY. $5/year or something and you’d have my attention.

    Or, leave it alone and simple. Evernote’s still free and you’re saying you’re more powerful than them? Come on.

  40. Its a horrible move to charge. I will drop it as soon as the trial run out. I’m sorry you have to be so greedy. Shame on you.

  41. I feel much better to have the opportunity to pay for something so useful as TeuxDeux. It has, due to its simplicity, instantly become one of my fundamental tools I use every day. Thank you for all extras I got from you. Good Luck. Love you.

  42. I will try it for another month ( been using it for years ). But at 24$ per years… I don’t know. I was happy with the simple todo as before ( minimalist, simple, efficient, that’s it ).

    I would have bought the android app ( if one ever came… still waiting for this ).

    But now, you go from free to paid. Still no android version in the horizon.

    If in a month there’s nothing to justify the 2$ per month. I’ll simply go look somewhere else.

  43. I refuse to pay, I will look elsewhere for another app or write my own, I find having to pay a horrible idea. I agree with other comments how this is just the designers being greedy. I am shocked.

    I am also shocked people feel “better” about paying … no one feels “better” that is lie. Add a donate button so you can feel better, but your making everyone suffer in this economy due to your greed.

  44. I’d pay a one-time charge, but a recurring fee is kind of ridiculous for something so simple. Very sad…I too have recommended this to many people and will stop. Again, I would pay a small fee but $24 is way too much.

  45. Meh. I’d have no problem paying a bigger one time fee, but a subscription for a to do list? I suppose you guys will do fine as even if a fraction of the people stick around, you’ll make tons of money.

    I don’t need to be a die-hard fan of my to do list. I don’t need to be a part of a community that molds and shapes my to do list. I just want it to unobtrusively exist as a nice product I use. I would like to pay for it once and forget about it.

    I’m all for innovation but it’s kind of obnoxious when something as benign as the to do list on my computer is having an identity crisis, adding features I didn’t ask for and asking me to get excited for it’s future by investing small monthly payments.

    At this rate my toaster is going to start a focus group in my kitchen and tell me it could really achieve new heights of toasting if I would entertain the ideal of micro-transactions.

  46. One more thing… I bought the iPhone app not more than two months ago — and now that doesn’t even work with the trial service. Thanks a lot. With decisions like that, I def. won’t be joining.

  47. One Word: One Time Fee. $3 a month for a to do APP??? Seems a little steep to me…

  48. Free is not sustainable. I think google reader is the canonical example of this, but to be honest, I agree with many of the other posters and think that this subscription service is not really priced right. I would definitely play for a one time fee, even if I had to install it on my own server.

    One more thing …. the roll over to expand the list item no longer works.

  49. I get why you want to charge money and can get behind that, but $24/year feels high relative to other products. And paying forever is a real bummer.

    That said, I would consider it, if the new version actually worked on my phone, but it has completely stopped working. I’m traveling now and your new version crashes every time I open it, so I’ve lost access to my list while I’ve been without web access. Thanks for forcing me to upgrade!

    You made the product worse and started charging for it. That’s not really a value proposition most of us can get behind.

  50. This is really cheap for so much added value. I’ll gladly pay.

  51. Total rip off! Keep it FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  52. I’m not mad at you introducing a charge, I happily paid he $3 for the iPhone App. In fact I happily pay for many online apps…

    $5/month – Evernote
    $20/month – Basecamp
    $10/month – Dropbox

    I love TeuxDeux – but I do not see $24/year as the right price point for such a basic app. TD is awesome because its simple. I don’t know that I necessarily want it to be more than it is, but the price point seems off compared to something so robust like Evernote.

  53. The early adopters who made you what you are should be rewarded with something at least – a free version?

    I did recommend Teux Deux to all my friends and some of them even signed up to it but you are charging way too much for me to carry on using it.

    I still think its a great product and I can understand that you will eventually need to make money out of it from your hardwork – so good luck with it.

  54. RIP Off ! Charge a 1 time fee of $3-4 similar for an app. $24 a year just shows off HOW GREEDY you are. All you care about is yourself. Absolutely selfish!

  55. The app used to be awesome for dragging to-dos from one date to the next. can’t do that anymore, not even to the day after. It seems that the whole point of a digital to do list is to make it easier to move things around.

    I can’t even find a tutorial for the money that you’re asking me to pay. I think you guys have done well, but this step should have been a bit better thought through.

    I like you app. I really do, but if you are planning to make this into an enterprise and make us pay, you have to make things easy for us. That’s the whole point of apps and smart phones. Right?

  56. Teux Deux is a useful tool I’ve recommended to coworkers and friends. I’m happy for you that it has been successful and that you’d like to make money off of it. I would gladly pay a one-time fee for the continued use of the product. But a recurring $2/month? On its own, $24/month doesn’t sound unreasonable, but when you consider it’s the same as two annual magazine subscriptions, or three new music albums… yeah. It is a very simple to-do list. I’m sorry to say, I’ll be going back to what I did pre-Teux Deux: Post-It notes and email drafts.

  57. Sad news. I’m a freelance designer and I’m still in the beginning phases of my career. I can’t afford to to pay $3 a month for a to-do app.

    Could you please offer the old version for free and call this the LITE version? You could still require members to pay for the old app… I did. And if they decide to go PRO, they can choose to do so at $3 a month. Just a suggestion.

    I understand it costs you money out of your pocket to keep it running – but it’s a shame that so many users who have grown accustomed to TeuxDeux will have to switch platforms – me being one of them.

    No matter what you choose – best of luck. I guess it was fun while it lasted.

  58. I don’t mind paying a subscription fee, but the iPhone update is dreadful and renders the app unusable for me. I can’t read what I’ve written past “…”, I can’t move anything to another date, it’s just too frustrating to wonder when this is going to get fixed. I know you’re a small shop, and I’m all for supporting the business, but I need a functioning app — yesterday — so, I’m sorry but I have to find another app that will work for me. Thanks for the last several months of making things a bit easier, though.

  59. I agree to a certain extent that you need money to sustain. However, the moot point behind so many loyal users was mostly everyone loved the simplicity and not everyone wanted the new changes. So, in effect, you are pushing all the loyal users to the updated version which they did not need and on top, you are charging them further. Like someone before me said, why not keep a base version free or a one time fee and have a “pro” paid version. It will also give you insight on why people loved you so much and you can plan the new features better. It would have been a calculated risk and phased approach.
    Right now, you are just pushing everyone to pay either now or witihn next 6 months. So, you don’t know what the future holds for teuxdeux after 6 months. If you happen to change your mind after 6 months on the pricing, the damage to the reputation will already be done since those who wanted to leave would have already left and likely wont keep a tab on your updates. If you ponder over the comments now and change your plan, you are likely to earn even more good will.
    Having said that, its a lovely app and you guys are great at what you do. I will definitely miss the app for sure. But, I will be moving out if I need to pay.

  60. Good decision taking it paid. Free isn’t sustainable. If a todo list app isn’t saving you enough time each month to make paying for it worthwhile, go back to pen and paper.

    To those complaining about it being a rip-off – developers don’t work for free. Hosting companies don’t host for free. If you don’t like it, stop using it. Kicking up a fuss and calling the people who have been graciously providing a useful app to you names is just ungrateful though.

  61. Lain you must be made of money and super greedy to post that!

  62. “Good decision taking it paid”? Are you nuts? That must be a “planted post” common…..

    Charge this amount is nuts, I just read the post when I relogged in.

    I call we BOYCOTT this app until they make it a *RESONABLE* price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m sorry rent is high in NY

  63. Thank you for the app! I really enjoy using it, but can’t afford any more subscriptions. So sadly I’ll be cancelling my account. Best wishes to you all!

  64. THIS PRICING SCHEME IS SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  65. Made of money? It’s $2 a month. You can’t even get a cup of coffee for that in most cities.

    Personally, I’d rather be confident that the app I’m investing my time in using is still going to be around in 12 months’ time. If that’s not important to you, there are plenty of free options still around… go use them.

    @Tony – so you’re going to boycott an app which you’re not paying for anyway. Umm… ok. Whatever makes you happy I guess.

  66. Lain … please. I read all these comments, and your argument is not logical. I agree clearly your a friend or part of the company profiting from this so we should not take your opinion.

    Charging so much for this service is insane.
    You people are very SELFISH to do this!

  67. Please do not charge so much for this. Please! I will not be able to use it anymore. The price is way too high!

  68. I sure do understand you’re choosing to do this, but…
    …this make me leave for Trello!
    Trello misses some of the simplicity of a weekly scheme – but have TONS of other functions.

  69. I am leaving too! I will not pay!

  70. I agree. Do not charge or you will drive us away!

  71. Thank you tuexdeux for charging so much and making me look elsewhere for a decent todo app….and i found a much better one which i think all your users will be moving to. Any.do !

    Any.do have an amazing app and handy to do app which does a lot more than what you are providing.

  72. I started using TeuxDeux because of how simple it is. I never thought that anything needed to change and liked using it as it is. It’s simplicity was refreshing. As others have mentioned before, I think it would be fair to offer the original TeuxDeux for free and give people the option to get Pro for extra features like many other sites do (Linkedin, MailChimp, etc.). I know $2-$3 a month doesn’t sound like a huge amount to pay but I rather not pay for a service I was already happy with that used to be free. Still, I thank you for this service. It was good while it lasted.

  73. It’s awesome to pay a quick visit this site and reading the views of all friends on the topic of this post, while I am also zealous of getting familiarity.

  74. For Android users, there are apps such as tehda that can access your data. But I do not know if it will handle the new functionality. I believe the current team does unfortunately not care about Android as it is not “designy” enough…

  75. A larger one time fee would be no problem, but charging this much with a subscription system is ridiculous. Every other site I use charges the same, and this is just a little to-do app.

  76. Not happy with this and agree that early adopters should have been rewarded/discounted some how.

  77. inb4 employee or on the take in any way!

    Ok so I’m going to buck the trend here guys. I first started using TeuxDeux in its early days and for a long time I would have been lost without it. I became lax, started trying other systems and over time completely forgot about the simplicity of the web and mobile apps.

    I have just logged in and fired up my account again. I have no idea how long this stint will last but I’m hoping to use TeuxDeux as my sole to do app again. As soon as I saw the new subscription fees I paid immediately. Here’s why…

    As an enterprise web application developer I can appreciate the effort taken to create the experience we all see online. To create a *great* minimalist design takes considerable effort for it not to become bloated and cumbersome.

    So we’ve all been using TeuxDeux for free. The small team behind this have been letting us use an app they built for themselves. A site with 300,000 users isn’t cheap to run (especially if their architecture scales to demand) and I’d much rather pay the cost of a coffee each month to prevent the site evaporating or being cluttered with advertising. Just look at Facebook – those Sponsored Posts are getting ridiculous!

    And $25/year? I’d spend that on a cafe lunch without blinking an eye. It’s almost the same price as a movie ticket here in Melbourne. Or the fees from 10 visits to a cash machine (ATM) from a bank other than my own. (And believe me – I’d do that a hell of a lot more than 10 times a year!)

    Just think about what else you would drop $25 on and not even flinch, or how much time you’re spending getting fired up about the new fees and then trying to find something new. If you’re busy enough to have a tonne of to-dos in your list, $25 should be the least of your worries!

    So rather than raging at and insulting the team who devote countless hours to a product *they* love and use, find yourself a cheaper app you’re happy to move to and get on with it.

    Finally, to mokoyo above and any other student without a credit card, we have prepaid Visa debit cards available in many stores here in Australia. I’m sure that would solve your problem if you can find one.

  78. Hello, I agree with all the people above me who are NOT HAPPY with the “news”.

    I registered long time ago, used the service from time to time and have recommended it to my friends, after reading this article: http://www.swiss-miss.com/2009/12/teuxdeux.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Swissmiss+%28swissmiss%29

    I can’t remember now for sure where I saw it but, somewhere on the teuxdeux site it was mentioned that teuxdeux is free and will remain that simple and free forever.

    Sadly it’s time to say goodbye. All the good things come to an end.

    Maybe if you make it one time reasonable fee, also with an android app having the synch option, or if I can host it on my own server, maybe I come back to it.

    Until then R.I.P.

  79. This design is wicked! You most certainly know how to keep a reader entertained.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job.
    I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

  80. Some of the comments on this page are amazingly childish. Accusing someone of being “SELFISH!” because they’re asking to be paid for their work is just a bizarre statement. It is selfish, on the other hand, to expect something for nothing.

    Tom Gereno, Tony Bell, and everyone else who commented with such rage and hostility, here’s a little story for you:

  81. When someone writes an paragraph he/she keeps the idea of a user
    in his/her mind that how a user can know it. Thus that’s why this piece of writing is amazing.

  82. As i seat here and read all these comments I’ve come to realize that most people who doesn’t agree with the $2 fee (which is NOTHING) think they did a favor to the tuexduex team. This is a very ignorant attitude. What you people need to understand is that they did you guys a favor by providing a free service for so long and by charging you $2 instead of selling every information you add there which could be personal, business related and so on. If your productivity and privacy is not worth $2 a month, the teuxduex team is better off w/ users like you. How many of you know how much it cost to run an application like this? To build and maintain an app like this? It amazes me how many people EXPECT to be served for free! Truly amazing… Anyone can spend more than $2 a month on useless crap. Grow up people and keep in mind you can always go live in the jungle with the monkeys for free!
    I think every team who builds a FANTASTIC app like this deserve to succeed and $2 a month is really a bargain for such useful application.

  83. I think we can stop complaining and pay some $20+ a year if we want this “designy” iPhone app. Because it was too much for me for what it offered, I tried the app any.do mentioned in the comments here, and it does more and works better for me than teux deux ever did. It works beautiful on iOS AND android (more important to me) and it’s free. If you really need the teux deux design, go ahead and pay for it, but I would check out other solutions such as any.do first…



  84. This is disappointing news. If I had not paid for the iPhone app before, I would not be upset, but since I did pay for the app I am upset about now being told it’s a subscription only model and that the money I already pad is for nothing.

    I think you should have grandfathered those loyal, early users in to the system. I’m afraid you might lose a lot of customers. It’s a great app, but I think $24 per year is a bit steep for an app. I’m going to try another one for now.

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