A Gracefully Executed Quit

“A gracefully executed quit is a beautiful thing, opening up more doors than it closes.”
Kio Stark

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  1. I didn’t get this until I realised I’d been reading it as a Quilt instead of Quit.

  2. Oh my God, I did the exact same thing Michael Arnold!

  3. ack. devil in the details… how does one gracefully quit without still breaking another’s heart?

  4. i came looking for the fabric swatches.

  5. I came for the gracefully executed quilt, too. Could be because I’m just finishing one up and have them on the brain?

  6. weird me too! why is this!?

  7. so did i… that means they should have worded it differently

  8. ME TOO!!!!!

  9. And me…

  10. came here to say quilt