swissmiss = 8


Swissmiss is turning 8 today! I can’t help but wonder what that amounts to in internet years!

Thank you for reading and happy my blog birthday to you!

That birthday cake is a creation of Ella (7), Parker (8) and Jen (29+).

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  1. Great!
    Lovely 8 cake :)
    Thank you Tina!

  2. Happy Birthday SwissMiss, we love you :)

  3. Ha, Happy Birthday SwissMiss xo

  4. Happy blog birthday!

  5. Happy birthday and many more years! Congratulations!

  6. Happy, Happy, Happy, Bloggy Day To You!

  7. Where do I poke “Like”?

  8. Happy NetBirthday to you! Congrats and many, many more creative years!

  9. Happy blog birthday! Enjoy the cake!

  10. Congrats

  11. Happy Birthday and thank you ;)

  12. Congratulations! Thanks for inspiring me to become a blog writer :)

  13. Great going! Here’s wishing you and Swissmiss have many more eventful years to come. :)

  14. Thanks for being here, for sharing with us. Good luck with all that’s in front of you. Keep going Tina!

  15. Happy Birthday ! Thx for sharing so much.

  16. Happy birthday SwissMiss team! Thank your for inspiring us! : )

  17. Happy Birthday ! Keep up the great blog posts and as others have said please keep inspiring us.

  18. Cute cake! Happy birthday :)

  19. Happy birthday! This is my absolute favorite blog in the whole wide blogiverse. Thanks for sharing so much awesomeness with us.

    Your cake looks delish. I’m now inspired* to make my own Nutella confection this evening as a tribute to you.


  20. Congratulations, Tina! The blog’s brilliant as ever.

  21. woohoo!! congratulations!

  22. what a crazy great blog you write! happy year 8!

  23. Eight is Great. #CONGRATS

  24. 8 internet years is like 42 people years! Thanks for keeping it fresh and readable

  25. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your little gems of inspiration with the rest of us! :)

  26. Happy Happy birthday SwissMiss!

  27. Congratulations! So glad I stumbled upon your blog :)

  28. Happiest Blog Birthday to you! Thanks for sharing such beautiful things!

  29. Back in town and with a little delay: Happy Birthday! And thanx. :)

  30. Happy Birthday!! Holy cow! Eight years already? and it feels as fresh as the first year! what’s your secret??

  31. Happy bday Tina!!

  32. Feliz cumpleaños! congrats for all this work and love dedicated to spread good ideas and projects. You inspired me to create my own blog in Uruguay. All the best & muchas gracias Tina!