Pie with a Message

pie with a message

This pie with a message made me laugh. Quite ironic.

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  1. Nice one!

  2. This is awesome!

  3. I will give this to my husband the next time he makes me mad lol he does love pie.

  4. I adore this. It reminds me of m. Oppenheim’s fur teacup

  5. I don’t think you understand the meaning of irony. This is funny. It is not ironic.

  6. Jen, it’s ironic because the saying is “sweet as pie”

  7. Perfectly put Kaitlyn. Totally ironic. Isn’t it a shame when people feel the overwhelming need to correct someone & overshadow their moment? It’s just plain rude.
    On another note, brilliant find. Best pie ever!

  8. I’m assuming that this will be “swissed” out of the thread but seriously… Oppenheims fur teacup? This is -in a way- the opposite of that.

    This might actually be the best thing that’s ever been on Swiss Miss.

    There is a guy in our office that we refer to as “take the bait” Carlisle. We call him this because he always takes the bait.

  9. Well done and rather brilliant! Cheeky, clever and quintessentially ironic. I can’t wait to make this!

  10. This leaves me cold. getting tired of this type of mash up- (or any type of mash up actually-) it’s pie but rude, it has a cutesy font… blah blah blah..For me it says nothing although it has something written on it. For me it’s childish, silly and too simplistic. I can write fuck you on anything???
    I guess there is no depth to the idea for me, but in a way I do prefer it to “i like you” or something bland like that.
    On another note I hope you welcome the expression of opinions and welcome comments and hopefully “I love” above won’t need to respond to me too.

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