CreativeMornings with Seth Godin

THE Seth Godin was our speaker at last week’s CreativeMornings/NewYork, generously hosted by The New School.

In his talk, Seth challenges our perception of work. He talks about how people who take responsibility are often given responsibility and how these days, we all carry media companies in our pockets. Trust me, watching this talk is 20 minutes well spent. You can also watch the Q&A following his talk here.

Having Seth as a speaker was nothing short of a true honor. I am so grateful. You too? Let’s tell him.

A big thank you to Ben Hallman for filming and editing.

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  1. Thank you for sharing ! I really enjoyed.

  2. 20 min, perfect. Thanks again Tina!

  3. this was a great talk thank you for sharing it!

  4. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Lots of great points to think about, especially the last one about how it’s more important to do work that is important than to simply succeed for the sake of succeeding.

  6. I love the comment about picking yourself. I heard Seth say this once and then remembered it when shopping for school supplies. I joked with my daughter that she should buy her own gold stars and stamps to stick on her school work. External validation is good but I would love to see the look on her teacher’s face when my daughter gold stars her own work :)

  7. Wow!!

  8. Fantastic and very insightful, thank you Tina : )

  9. Dankeschön, thanx for sharing this with us Tina. He is so inspiring.

    I actually have my own Seth Godin story. In my previous career as a life sound guy, I’ve met lots of great celebrities (Shakira, Seinfeld), I’ve never been star struck until I had to put a lapel microphone up on Seth Godin. Here I was, fumbling around on his jacket, perfect moment to have a great chat with him, and nothing was coming out of my mouth :-) I still smile at that moment, I wish he had enjoyed it as much as I did.

  10. seth godin is like goethe – every sentence should be printed and framed.

  11. Seth’s right—as usual. I love my clients. They are the FREAKING BEST in the world. They’re partnering with me to make a change in the world and it’s astounding.

  12. Thank you, deeply appreciate the inspiration to real and authentic.

  13. This man’s words are my daily, post meditation juice! Thanks again for the inspiration Seth Godin.

  14. I now anticipate every email from Seth Godin. He liberates that man in me that was afraid to come out and takes his place in the sun. God Bless Seth Godin.

  15. Very interesting blog, thank you for your sharing.