“What an industry needs is people who have no idea on how it operates. People that don’t know that there are any rules. While it is good to break rules and to push boundaries, it’s much better to just never know that any rules exists. So, when an agency boasts that they have years of experience in the field that your company is working in. Run the other way, cause that only means that they know the rules. You need someone who doesn’t.”

Experience Slows You Down, by Nils Sköld

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  1. wow — i needed to hear this today. :)

  2. The small world of mobile is often guilty of this. Its just (and i mean just) old enough to have a past to look back on. It means people can talk about the good old days, when things were more straight forward and simple (all the way back in…2010!). I think some people forget that apps didnt really exist like they do now before the iPhone

    This is a really fresh quote, forget how things are meant tobe done!

  3. Recourses.com / WinWithoutPitching.com would likely disagree—but there is truth to it.

  4. fabulous quote, totally agree. Thanks Tina!

  5. This may be the case in the creative industries, but can be a recipe for unnecessary delay in more scientific realms.

  6. this makes little sense. While i understand the need for fresh perspective (brainstorming with kids), I would not discount the need for knowledge and expertise that comes with experience, whatever the task at hand may be.

    I surely wouldn’t want my gardener working on my car.

  7. Is not about having no idea, it is about having multiple points of view and the capacity to think critically about what you know.
    Ignorance can be as tyrant and blind as the “I’m the expert” ego effect.

  8. its not about having multiple points of view, its about eliminating expert points of view as a whole.

    “So, when an agency boasts that they have years of experience in the field that your company is working in. Run the other way…”

    If the wording was more towards always seeking other points of view and perspective (something I value passionately), I would be in complete agreeance. When brainstorming and ideation is needed, I tend to throw the widest net possible. I surely wouldn’t eliminate the ‘experts’.

    Its really about finding balance within chaos (to me anyways) and many companies/agencies/departments/groupings of people seek because it rewards with ideas, thoughts and perspective.

  9. Hey!

    I just saw this. Thanks!