Moving upstairs

“A few years ago, a friend shared with me his strategy for decluttering his home. He and his wife lived in a duplex and decided to gather every single thing they had and put it in the bottom level of the duplex. They moved upstairs, lived in just the top level, and as they needed something, they would go downstairs, find it, and bring it up. Little by little, they repopulated their life with only what was necessary.”

Moving Upstairs, by Jack Cheng

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  1. Did they also get rid of the bottom level?

  2. haha, tyrale, i was thinking the same thing!

  3. awww… first world problems.

  4. I initially thought ‘this is a great idea’ and then, Tom, I read your comment and laughed. Guilty!

  5. Tom, nail on the head.

    Especially in NYC, this requires so much money. And time.

  6. Tom, your comment makes me sad. Yes, this friend of Jack Cheng’s is super privileged to be able to come up with such an experiment. But, by labeling it a 1st world problem, you are ridiculing what in its essence is an approach to rethinking his outlook on consumption and ownership. Jack’s friend is trying to make a change in thinking, his relationship to stuff, there is nothing wrong with that.

    Let’s not ridicule anyone by labeling their actions 1st world problems.