PressPausePlay: Seth Godin

This is a short trailer of the 2011 documentary called PressPausePlay featuring Seth Godin.

PressPausePlay explores the massive digital revolution of the last decade which has unleashed and democratized creative opportunities. Does democratized culture really mean better art, film, music and literature?

You can download the movie over at Or you can buy it on iTunes.

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  1. The film is also on Netflix

  2. it’s like we are living in the middle age of internet and other media, where just a few lords owns everything and they put their rules to manage the access to information. Hopefully someday facebook will be useless because everybody will be able to create their personalized webpage.

  3. I think we already live in the era where everyone can create their own personalized webpage (Blogger, WordPress, ect., ect.). Facebook is just popular way for people’s pages to connect.

    Love the trailer, can’t wait to see the doc.

  4. You can see the full documentary on Vimeo –