Nothing gets me more excited than watching friends going from telling me about an app idea to launching it. My studiomate Raul and his Tinybop Team have been hard at work and are about to launch a series of educational apps, the first one is simply called The Human Body. The app, designed by no other than super-talented Kelli Anderson, allows kids to explore and interact with the human body, teaching them what we’re made of. The app is about to be released in 48 languages around the world and I am certain it will make huge waves.

I’ve had many conversations with Raul about what we consider a successful kids app. While we of course agree on smart interactions, beautiful design and all, we also agree that kids should be never exposed to touts for in-app purchases or any other kind of advertising. Raul promised that kids will neve be exposed to any of that in any Tinybop app. This deserves a YAY!

Get a sneak peek of the app on their brand new site and sign up for their newsletter to be the first to know when the app is ready to play.

I can’t wait to Tinybop!

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  1. Two things:

    1. Interesting concept. Reminded me immediately of “Big Questions from Little People: and Simple Answers from Great Minds” book. Wish them all the success in crowded app store world.

    2. Totally agree with Raul’s take on making apps safe for kids. We developed simple arcade Halloween game “HallowsThieves” for kid’s last year with same philosophy. No ads, no in-app purchases, charge fair price upfront and that’s it. Probably ended up hurting sales besides other reasons but we still think it was and is the right thing to do. We owe safe app store experience to our kids.

  2. it’s weird because my name is kelli anderson and i want to go into web and graphic design. it’s like she’s me in the future. it’s freaking me out. but i like this app, thanks for sharing. and for everything you share!