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Tina Roth Eisenberg – Like Knows Like from Like Knows Like on Vimeo.

The talented and wonderful folks behind Like Knows Like invited me to be part of one of their beautiful mini documentaries. Back in June, Bas and Marije visited me in Brooklyn and followed me around for a day. Like pretty much any Dutch person I’ve ever met, they are a delight to hang out with and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with them.

And now that I’ve seen the result (above) I can’t help but feel a bit speechless. What a gift to be given such a wonderfully, personal mini documentary. G and my kids approve as well and it makes me so happy that all of them make an appearance.

Filmmaker Bas Berkhout and Photographer Marije Kuiper sure know what they’re doing. I wish I could watch a Like Knows Like on my parents. How precious would that be?

Check out all the other Like Knows Like documentaries! My personal favorite: Jessica Hische.

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  1. I thought I was alone in my love of the mini-docs. Glad I was wrong!

  2. What a great way to get to know you even better, Tina! Loved the mini-doc. Love you and your work and your inspiration, too! I’ve bookmarked likeknowslike to get some add’l inspiration from their great work. Thanks for sharing a slice of your life with us.

  3. Beautiful and inspiring. Lovely work, Like Knows Like!

  4. Your work and your decisions made are inspirational all over! Thank you!

  5. So inspired by your story! I too have always had a hard time sticking to one project or idea. My goal for this year was to see some of my side projects through from start to finish, and it’s amazing what a difference that makes. It’s great to see living proof that focus pays off! Thanks!

  6. Tina, you are a true inspiration for me everyday! Thanks a lot…

  7. You’re awesome!

  8. I agree with you – Dutch people are such a delight to hang around with! Wonderful documentary!

  9. fabulous documentary, tina! i agree wholeheartedly, making the world a better place and raising kids to be awesome little people is where it’s at. :)

  10. Been reading your blog for some time now. This was a great way to get to know the person behind the blog a little more.

    Also, gonna order me some Tattly tattoos soon!

  11. You’re such an inspiration. Especially in doing what you love, and not necessarily doing what would make the best profit (and then in the end having a great concept anyway ;)). I love how honest and humble you show yourself in this video and… that it is someone in America that shows me what great project these fellow countrymen have come up with!

  12. Nice!! Interesting to hear about the boss side of you. They don’t teach you that in design school I guess. considered taking on a partner to manage day-to-day?

  13. Amazing. I saw that yesterday. I’ve been checking Swiss miss everyday for a really long time. Maybe since 08. Got really glad to see how everything works there. Congrats

  14. what a nice treat. I have been looking at your blog for a long time and it is great the see the woman that delivers joy right to my inbox! Congrats on your successful life!

  15. What a great background on you and your blog/ businesses. Now I like you even more!

  16. This post & the video inspired me to blog about human-beings all around the world. I just launched
    Thanks for keeping us inspired Tina!

  17. Wonderful! I agree with you on so many levels…thanks for your honesty, you are such an inspiring person. Keep up with your beautiful work and enjoy with your family.

  18. Ich habe gedacht das etwas auf Deutsch wäre gut auf dem Kommentar “Mauer”. Danke für diese Video :-) Danke für deine Einfachheit die mich inspiriert.

  19. Thanks so much Tina. You rock. End of story :)

  20. thank you for your inspiring example. after this, i like your work and your blog even more.

  21. Tina you are the cutest boss I’ve ever watched talking about his dream. Please do not lose the authenticity that derives from the smile of your heart. Congrats.

  22. That’s excellent! I think it’s great that you were chosen and it shows a lot about your character and credentials because you were selected amongst many others! Keep up the hard work and results will surely continue to follow.

  23. Tina,

    I like you making the world a bit more beautiful.

    thank you!

    Johan, Quut designer

  24. Very awesome! I’ve been reading Swiss Miss for about 7 years now and it’s great to get a look at the person behind it. Props for all of your hard work, creativity, and being such an awesome mom!

  25. I’ts always so wonderful to hear from you. You rock! ^_^*

  26. much love to dumbo in this video!

  27. How wonderful and inspiring!