Rainbow Cloud Quilt

rainbow cloud quilt

What a beauty of a quilt. Congrats to the designer Sherri Lynn Wood who developed a bias strip curve patchwork technique for this quilt. Free-cut continuous bias strips were machine pieced to create the curved lines. Large curved segments were then hand appliqued to the strip pieced back ground.

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  1. Its totally reminds me of Milton Glaser’s “Bob Dylan” poster!

  2. Wow, how beautiful!

  3. Just to mention its called “Sindhi Ralli”.
    Ralli quilts are traditional quilts made by women in the areas of Sindh, Pakistan and in surrounding areas. They are just now gaining international recognition, even though women have been making these quilts for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Rallis (also known as rillis, rellis, rehlis, rallees, gindi and other names) are a cultural symbol for the regions where they are made.

  4. Hi Tina,

    Thanks for highlighting my quilt. I like the name you chose for it better than the one I picked ;) I also like the quote you included with it.

    I often use the metaphor of conversation as a way of understanding improvisational patchwork process.

    Would you please revise the link in the post to go directly to my website http://daintytime.net/2012/12/05/negative-space-2012/ –rather than to my etsy page – which is not a permanent link.

    Thanks again,

  5. Wow! This is outstanding!