The Bluelace Project

The fine folks behind Flint and Tinder are currently running a Kickstarter campaign that I couldn’t be more excited about: The Bluelace Project is trying to proof to US retailers that customers do in fact care about domestically produced goods.

Lacing up blue lets retailers know that you’re willing to give a second look to domestically produced products. Lacing up blue lets American manufacturers — the men and women fighting to innovate and bring better-built products to market at a time when their competitors undercut them by cutting corners abroad — know you appreciate the war they’re fighting daily.


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  1. Really? Do we think that Americans are the only ones who can build quality products? The “Buy American” trend strikes me as an ugly combination of xenophobia, false American nostalgia and thinly veiled corporate marketing. It breeds an unnecessary “us vs them” type of mentality. I don’t really care whether my dollars are going to employ someone in Detroit or in Mexico City. American’s don’t have a monopoly on building things with quality or craftsmanship.

    Additionally, if what you care about is environmental sustainability or fair labor practices, “buying domestic” is no guarantee you’re achieving those goals.

  2. I disagree: supporting American manufacturing is a worthy goal, with multiplier effects in local communities as factories buy input materials and workers spend disposable income. It also fosters pride and can instill a sense of purpose in our youth that there is more to life than Web 2.0.

  3. @Seesthoughit So you don’t care about jobs being added here then, eh? When our stores are flooded with cheap goods from China, I think it’s time an us vs them becomes necessary. Especially when they start to copy and steal our innovations and IP.

  4. @Seesthoughit

    I guess you’d rather Made in China, then?

    Pros of Chinese Made:


    Cons of Chinese Made:

    Badly Made
    Cheap Materials
    Wears out quickly
    Often made in Sweat Shops, Slave Labor, and Child Labor

    Pros of Locally made products:
    Well Made
    Lasts a long time
    Excellent Quality
    Good customer service in case of faulty goods
    Made in a sustainable workplace
    Provides jobs to local people which helps to boost the damaged American Economy

    Cons of Locally made products:

    Slightly more expensive

    And the Pros of Local products apply to all countries not just to America. I always do my best to buy local made instead of cheap rubbish from China, because I like to help provide jobs for local people, instead of supporting CHILD LABOR and SLAVERY. Because Chinese factories? Thats pretty much what they are.

  5. Our relationship with China is unsustainable. A country can’t have a balance of trade deficit such as we have without serious consequences. If you are concerned about income inequality in this country here rests a large portion of the problem.

    We will be a country of bond traders and fast food workers. Now be assured I have respect for fast food workers, bond traders, not so much.

  6. My point is simply support what Flint and Tinder are doing – its meaningful! Give the Bluelasses as presents; wear them proudly, along with red socks in honor of Lake Wobegon and Garrison Keillor.