During our parent teacher conference at my daughter’s school today I discovered this poster. Can someone please turn this into a typographic-letterpress-printed masterpiece? I’ll buy it.

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  1. I’ll buy one too!

  2. Instead of trying to prove all internet commenters are human by typing letters that are impossible to read, we should require all commenters to agree that their content fits the above statement.

  3. Love it. I’ll make it.

  4. one too for me.

  5. count me in!

  6. From The Four Agreements, yes?

  7. and so… with this new testament the children became the Robots. C’mon stop this crap and teach the children to really think outside the box not inside a box named Think with-five-rules.

  8. It’s not a masterpiece, but I saw something similar on Pinterest and redesigned it as a computer lab sign:

  9. Maybe you actually want to join a rotary club? Check out their 4-way test, it’s great stuff:

  10. Mr Bruno, you betray yourself by using one of the most trite overused expressions imaginable: ‘think outside the box.’ At the very least, change the damn box, which is what this poster is trying to do. Tell me which of these 5 rules did you break?

  11. So great! Sarah, make sure you post a link of your work so we can all buy one. :)

  12. Yes Sarah, I’m interested as well.

  13. In my experience, young children are often exuberantly creative and imaginative individualists. So that each of their ideas and personalities can shine, it is important to help them learn how to exist in community!!! I teach elementary school art, and my students learn about the value of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. And btw, I make all my classroom posters, labels, and such using the font Futura. Not letterpress, but it makes me happy!!

  14. me too, please! Post the link so we can all buy one! Love this.

  15. Here’s my personal interpretation of this poster…

    Check it! Hope you like it…

  16. I just played around a little bit. Not a masterpiece, but a nice finger excercise before starting to work: