Today Was A Good Day

Today was a good day

My inbox was full of good news today. A good reminder that I shoudl finally order this Today Was A Good Day Poster by Paper Jam Press.

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  1. Has jam press ever heard of the term , kerning? Awesome example of , lack there of. Merry Christmas fellow artits.

  2. The posters are letterpress printed using wood type. The space between letters is defined by the width of the blocks themselves. No way to kern for those of you who prefer things tidier. I myself like to show off the craft with the imperfections.

  3. After further review, I humbly retract my statement. please accept my apology for my ignorance concerning your mission and methodologies.

  4. Kerning is certainly possible when printing with wood type. Spacing material is commonly used.

    Also, when wood type was commonly used and still being manufactured the imposer would often trim/cut various characters to adjust the kerning.

    This is why you often see characters within a font that are missing some of the wood around the relief area.

  5. Well that settles that. Atleast you can say he is consistant. Anothet note to mention, if your going back to guttenburg, show some textura or black letter fonts. This helvetica family is getting somewhat redundent.