The Intouchables

On my flight from Munich to NYC today I watched The Intouchables. Based on a true story, the movie seriously touched me. To the point where my seat neighbor handed me tissues. My favorite scene? This one.

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  1. That is too funny, I watched it on the plane too about a year ago and was so embarrassed because I was balling my eyes out! Loved the movie though! I recommend any time I can.

  2. I also watched this one a plane. So good <3

  3. Hope the translation rendered the quirky and tongue-and-cheek humor. It is a great movie. That dance scene is gold too.

  4. Beautiful film… Saw it 2 years ago in Thailand of all places.

  5. Intouchables is a very moving movie. Maybe even as beautiful and moving as Amelie (my all time favorite)..Did you see the original French version? I sure do hope so.. else all might be lost in translation..

    This movie is (in my humble opinion) made even better by the excellent soundtrack, you can view the tracklisting here

  6. Oh yes, it made me download the record again. I can look at Intouchables again & again. MADE ME SMILE!!!

  7. Exceptional movie.
    Diferent, of course, but something tells me you’d find it a great joy, the movie “10 Items or Less”

  8. It’s the best movie I’ve seen in years, probably since the lives of others or the father of my children. It was number 1 in France for ages too!

  9. This scene is hilarious. :D