TV Ski Workout – 1989

G and I just booked our first family ski vacation over the weekend and that reminded me of the ski workout tv shows I used to watch as a kid, growing up in Switzerland. And thanks to YouTube I can all send you down my personal memory lane.

I love the internet so much.

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  1. Basically twerking in front of a green screen. What’s old is new again.

  2. aww…. I so remember that.

  3. Were you still in the CH when this came out?! Ugh…!!
    There’s a longer version but I can’t find it (and it would have make you laugh LOUD!)

  4. Oh my, I forgot about those! We had them in Germany, too.

  5. Thanks for bringing back my childhood memories! I am just clearing out lots of old CDs from that time, and these are the perfect visuals!

  6. Oh my god. I think I have to watch that again.

  7. Super – thanks for sharing – I remember that.
    Happy New year !!!

  8. Schie-foan! I remember those workouts on German TV as well! Awesome.