Friday Link Pack

Craig Frazier discusses his approach to the art of storytelling.

– Today’s my son’s 4th birthday. Feels like he was just born yesterday.

– This house in Chile makes my heart go pitter patter.

– Designing an office space? Check out this site. (via)

Pipedrive looks like a fantastic tool, not just for pure sales.

– My friend Wesley started the Ten Cities Project with the goal to immersing himself in the creative and startup communities of those cities, one week at a time. Given the charming, outgoing person that he is, he meets a variety of interesting people, passionately working on meaningful projects, to learn and capture their story. Here’s his first photo essay report on city #1; Salt Lake City.

– ALways good to remember: It’s the Little Things.

– This looks like a fantastic resource: Turn Your Creativity Into a Career

– These pasta pot holders made me smile.

– Parents, what an amazing idea to make kids bath time more fun: Freeze the toys.

– Look, a teeny tiny drone.

-“First generation in history that has no idea how to court a potential partner, let alone find the language to do so” Love, Actually.

How to survive falling through the ice

– I think I need to go to Scarf School.

– This is the best idea! Lunch Break Dance Party!

Instagram selfies photobombed with puppies to raise awareness for adoptions. Made me smile.

Lockitron is the first device that lets you lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world using any phone, all while installing on your door in under a minute.

Cloud Sticky Notes? Cute!

– We need this Donut Stool for CreativeMorning HQs.

FishBit makes owning fish easy! It keeps them safe and happy by notifying you in real time if your tank needs attention.nI needed this app when I was given two goldfish in my teenage years… (via)

– My friends over at Chartbeat are looking to hire a Designer. Love their service.

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  1. I keep coming across pipedrive, but I don’t know anyone using it yet. Have you tried it?

  2. @Covery, Pipedrive is the most usable application I have ever seen. I use it as a CRM for obtaining clients.

    It is amazing how easy and intuitive it is. Clicking and refereshing screens is put down to minimum.

    Basic functionality is often enough but there are many advanced features to use: products with set prices, rotting deals, deal probability…

    I have been using it for 3 months and there is nothing better to manage your pipelines. Before I used Highrise, Salesforce and ZOHO.

    Although it is not built for managing your current relations (only if you want to sell something new to your accounts).

  3. }}} We need this Donut Stool for CreativeMorning HQs.

    Great. Furniture that actively makes you FAT.

    Not makes you LOOK fat, but directly contributes!!

    I’m ALREADY hungry, looking at this thing. :-D

  4. What’s next, a Bacon Office Chair… ? :-D