Friday Link Pack

Brandon Doman founded a very special storytelling initiative called “The Strangers Project”.

– A hidden feature in YouTube lets you stream an unlimited amount of music.

Scroll down. Colorgasm by Nina Geometrieva.

World Food Clock.

A utensil holder made out of LEGOs.

– After having seen the LEGO movie I can’t get the Everything is Awesome song out of my head. Unhear it is the cure for moments like this. They’re using the latest in reverse-auditory-melodic-unstickification technology,that allows users to “unhear” songs by hearing equally catchy songs. Made me smile.

– My four year old would TOTALLY approve of these Batman Fight Sounds Pencils.

– Excellent read: How to get a busy person to respond to your email.

Poncho is your very personal weather forecast.

– Good advice from Mary Phillips-Sandy on what to do if you love New York but it’s bringing you down.

– This List Proves You’re Never Too Old To Do Something Amazing

UPSTANDING is an affordable flat-pack desk accessory that turns your existing desk or table into a customizable standing desk.

– I am so excited about this news: H&M’s COS line is coming to America

Love Ever After – Portraits of Couples Who’ve Been Together Over 50 years

How to be a balanced giver.

– Doug Johnston makes beautiful Bags

Why We Rescue is a yearlong story-telling documentary highlighting how pets transform our lives for the better.

Happiness makes people work harder.

– Love these Pantone Cups.

– Are you a certified arse? Take the test. (via)

– These 3D printed models of Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests make me happy.

– This week I got to meet the fine men behind Invitation Annual, a truly thoughtful lifestyle magazine celebrating the human spirit of creative types.

– I wish I was in town for this Design and Violence Debate I at the Museum Modern Art, organized by Paola Antonelli.

– Bamboo HR is looking to hire a Senior UX Designer.

– This week team Tattly launched Cutie Tattootie, tattooable dolls, in collaboration with North American Bear Co.

Japanese manhole covers are something else.

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  1. Why aren’t our manhole covers like that? What an amazing idea.

  2. I freu mi …
    Märssi und viele Grüße aus München!

  3. We’re so happy to make the Friday Link Pack List!

    Thanks for the mention, we can’t wait to share your feature with our readers in the next issue of Invitation/Annual, Issue 2: On Transition.

    Side note: those Japanese manholes are insane!