The Reluctant Father

The Reluctant Father

Photographer Phillip Toledano became a father at the age of 40 and fell in love with his daughter about a year and a half later, when he realized she was the most bewitching human being he’d ever seen.

The Reluctant Father follows Phillip’s journey at the beginning of fatherhood.

It’s a raw and honest. And funny. Wish I would have seen this when I was expecting my first child. Buy the book or check out the site.

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  1. Thank you for posting this, Tina. I’ve read/heard lots of stories from women about how hard it is having kids, but never a male one, and never one so poignant and we’ll-written. I would have loved reading this during my first year with my son; it’s so powerful to feel that you’re not alone.

    Bravo Phillip–and those pictures are breathtaking.

  2. This is a beautiful story, so honest and so powerful.

    Bravo Philip, gorgeous photos as well.

  3. He has also published „Days With My Father“. A son’s photo journal of his aging father’s last years.