Mad Lettering Skills

Designer Tom Williams filmed two gentlemen road painters painting a bus stop. They show some mad lettering skills! You’d think they’d use a pencil but they don’t.

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  1. Sollte wohl heissen:
    “they’d use a STENCILbut they don’t.”

  2. I’ve seen this before, they have the height chalkmarked on the floor and they use it as a guide, there’s a proportion you have to follow on roads and it depends of how much speed is allowed on that particular road, so the widht is standard, they help themselves with that long ruler… and as it is seen here, they have a lot of experience so they make ir look easier

  3. Amazing, especially the ‘S’ !

  4. I think my mind was officially blown by this. And here I thought I did OK with the help of a grid paper.