Traffic at the world’s craziest intersection 

Watching traffic moving trough this intersection in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia makes my heart race a bit faster.

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  1. Kreisel!

  2. not a single collision. The pedestrians have a lot of courage!

  3. Reminds me of web traffic!

  4. Similar to China. Less regulation makes for more careful driving. Drivers do not rely on being “right” but need to be careful.

  5. Ha — I’m so amazed how a system could be self-organised…

  6. I used to live in Cameroon as a child. The trick is to just slowly advance into the intersection until someone that would otherwise bump into you, stops. Works well.

    BTW, this would fall apart if people didn’t pay attention. Just imagine someone on their cellphone!

  7. In Kabul they add push carts and donkey carts, more motorcycles and the occasional military/diplomatic convoy into the mix.