Photojojo Human Sized Prints

human sized prints

Photojojo now offers Human Sized Prints made on industrial printers typically used for architectural and engineering work. That’s why they call them Engineer Prints. Print your photo in halftone black and white ink on extra-light 20lb bond at a whopping 4 feet wide! Once it’s done it ships free, rolled nice and neat for just $25.

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  1. great recource

  2. Lo res
    Horrible contrast

    Just because it’s hipster doesn’t make it worth $25.

  3. This looks like a great idea, and all it would take is a call to photojojo to check on banding or any other issues regarding quality. I could see teenagers loving this product and wanting a few on their bedroom wall. They may not even know what banding is, if indeed the real photo has banding. How about a friend (or child) in the hospital or stuck in a rehab place having a huge picture of a group of family and friends smiling and waving from the wall? I was in one for five weeks last summer and would have LOVED a photo of friends in my half of that awful place. How about someone who has a very low or limited income who wants to decorate the walls of their new apartment? What if you’re renting a cottage for the summer that is very plain and you don’t want to spend much because you don’t have much? There’s nothing inherently “hipster” about it, and even if there were, why make the jab?

    (And, no, I don’t work for photojojo or know anyone who does.)

  4. Staples do these for $8

  5. They proudly talk about the bad printing on photojojo as a selling point.

    This is very hipster since it’s selling outdated tech as something new and trendy at nearly 3x the cost that it’s still currently available. It’s not a jab, sorry to hurt your sensitive hipster feelings. It’s inherent in the post and the free advert for photojojo. This could have just as easily been a post about inexpensive decorating ideas for your cabin or teen’s room using Staples’ printing services. But it was not. “Human Sized Prints” called “Engineer Prints” -hipster rebranding to sell something at a high markup. It’s kind of like buying some tattered bit of something on etsy for 10x more than you could at Good Will or a junk store.

  6. Haha! My pacemaker thanks you and I thank you for calling me a “hipster”! :D Made my day!

  7. superb resources, thanks for post

  8. hahahahahaha

    we get them in central London for £2 each, 15 min turn-a-around.

  9. … and they are open 24 hours a day…. anywhere with arch/eng/law offices, you’ve find print shops.

  10. Ruh-roh

    I just called Staples and that is true they will do it for $7.84

    thanks for the warning …

  11. I’ve been blogging about engineer prints for several years. My tips: go to Staples and you can get GIANT sized engineered prints – bigger than human (only limitation is the width of the printer)! Also, please note the paper for engineer prints is not heavy weight – it’s flimsy and cheap . While at Staples ask if their printer is the best in the area – they may tell you to go to the Staples in the next town over because the printer there is newer. Also, keep it simple with images with lots of contrast – for instance the nice ones on Etsy are of clouds. There are dozens of tutorials online if you want to glue it to canvas (hard because the paper is so thin). If you want a large print (not “human sized” but still large poster size) that will last you can find large heavy duty photo paper prints on sale online often at adorama, Costco and other places for the same price.

  12. I work for a blueprinting business- and yes- it’s cheaper and faster to call someone local. Reprographers run aerials and super fine detailed stuff at 600 dpi all the time, so it’s going to be good quality, just on cheap paper. I recommend someone with an Océ printer if you want to go really big inexpensively.

  13. @Jeffery Diffner
    Thank you for telling it how it is!. Photojojo should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of those who do not know any better.
    $25 is a complete rip off! Any reprographic company will do this type of print at 36″x48″ size for less than $10. Engineering/Architectural prints using this process are meant to be inexpensive. Ask any architect or Engineer.

  14. $5 at any copy/print shop in the world, and $25 at Photojojo. Sounds like every other item they sell. The cell phone lenses they sell for $25 each are easily purchased on eBay for $5 each as well. They come from china and are exactly the same.

  15. FedEx does “engineering prints”, and charges by the linear foot. I got a beautiful 3×4 print for $11, no shipping needed. Picture here: