Magical Pool

Next time you jump into a pool, watch out, you might come out like this lady… Did you know Tattlys are waterproof? (They just really don’t like moisturizer, that will take them off!)

(Thanks to Nic and Ace for putting this video together. And a big giant thank you to my friends Kim & Jiro for letting us use their beautiful pool!)

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  1. I was hoping that’s what would happen! Very fun.

  2. That is a fantastic commercial!! :)

  3. That was really nice.. I like it…

  4. lovely! they really are waterproof, mine has lasted about a week and a half so far (i’m being gentle in the shower, but even so!) love it.. i’m going to spend more pocket money on lots more!

  5. What a cool video! (and my 3 yo son loved the music – head bopping, hips wiggling!)