Swing Bin

I blogged about the beautiful Swing Bin in February of 2010. At the time, it was just a concept, and now, with this Kickstarter campaign, we are all one step closer to owning our own. The Swing Bin is so sculptural that at first glance you might not notice that it is a waste bin. Its diagonal opening has been dramatically cut with a wooden lid, a lid that swings and tilts.

I am so totally supporting Shigeichiro Takeuchi’s Kickstarter campaign. You?

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  1. Well it looks nice, but how practical is this, really? I don’t see any bin-liner, or the possibility to put one in there. So it will only be usable for paper-balls? Who still has that many pieces of paper to form into a ball and put it into a bin? And why wouldn’t you recycle that paper instead (leaving it flat would be better in that case).

  2. Hi Rob,
    Thank you for your comment for Swing Bin.
    Swing Bin has been upgraded and now able to hold a plastic bag inside!
    Please check it on Kickstarter!

    Thank you!