Minimalist Bin

This beautiful minimalist bin, designed by Japanese designer Shigeichiro Takeuchi, consists of nothing more than a cylindrical body and a wooden lid – but no moving parts added. A beauty.

UPDATE: Video of the Bin:

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  1. remindes me of bruno munari. nice one!

  2. Impractical design failure.

  3. prospective nappy bin perchance?

  4. Tom, have you used one? Have you had the chance to try one out? How can you just judge from looking at these pictures that it is impractical and a design failure?

  5. It works, though I could imaging the lid dislodging. Just don’t slam dunk your trash! I hope there’s a nice durable finish on the lid to inhibit staining.

  6. My understanding of Tom’s sentence fragment is that the bin fails at possessing an impractical design; therefore it is a triumph of practical design. Tom, please correct me if I am wrong. :)

    I also wanted to note that a you can see a giant version of this bin—sans the lid—just off of I-287 in Oakland, NJ:,-74.23705&panoid=U_rtJAGw2tMgK-UGNMkiXA&cbp=12,127.84,,0,-3.38&ll=41.027179,-74.23692&spn=0,359.997409&z=19&iwloc=lyrftr:h,12451430492769924080,41.026809,-74.236502

  7. W I S H L I S T !

  8. I think it has some Zen in it – purity and clean silence – makes it look awesome.

  9. I am Shigeichiro Takeuchi, the designer of this bin.
    Thank you very much for your comments here on my bin.

    I have uploaded a movie which shows how it works.
    Please check it.

    Thank you!

  10. what a beautiful sound!
    masterpiece of practical design. Is there any chance to buy it somewhere?

  11. brilliant!!!

  12. Clean. Makes me feel good… : )